Our many years of experience have given us an abundance of information to share.

Over the years, many people ask us for copies of presentations we have done or would like to obtain copies of tools that we come up with and like to share with others.  To help facilitate our response to these requests, we have created this download section as part of our knowledge-base for the EMS industry to use as needed.

Please feel free to download any of these presentations or tools.  All we ask in return is that if you decide to use or share this content either in presentations or with others that you please properly footnote us as the source of the content... thank you.



Presentation Downloads

2012 Best Practices in EMS - Beyond the Basics

A Best Practice is the belief that there is a technique, method, process, activity, incentive or reward that is more effective at delivering a particular outcome than any other technique, method, process, etc. The idea is that with proper processes, checks, and testing, a desired outcome can be delivered with fewer problems and unforeseen complications.

Best Practices in EMS – Beyond the Basics.pptx

AAA Annual 2012 - Mobile Medicine Strategies

A timely examination of Mobile Medicine Strategies and emerging innovative solutions to provide optimized patient care and efficient resource allocation.

AAA Annual 2012 - Mobile Medicine Strategies.pptx

2011 Controversies in EMS Design: All ALS vs. Tiered Systems, An Operational Perspective

This is a follow up rebuttal webinar between David Shrader and Jonathan Washko in response to Alan Craig's (from Toronto EMS) clinical arguments for a tiered ALS/BLS EMS system design. Watch the recorded webinar here. Click on the link to the left to get the Power Point Slidesfrom the presentation. Sponsored by the EMS Chiefs of Canada (EMSCC) and FirstWatch.

ALS vs BLS Webinar

ALS vs BLS.pptx

American Ambulance Association 2011 Annual Conference

This lecture discusses the latest in EMS Best practices and industry technological innovations and is an updated version from the Best Practices in EMS presentation from the 2011 conference.

Best Practices in EMS 2011.ppt

American Ambulance Association 2010 Annual Conference

This lecture discusses the latest in EMS Best practices and industry technological innovations and is an updated version from the Best Practices in EMS presentation from 2009 OAMTA conference.

Best Practices in EMS 2010.ppt

California Ambulance Association 2010 Annual Conference

This lecture helps EMS organizations better understand when they have achieved HPEMS. Topics include defining HPEMS, understanding how to build KPI's, trending, benchmarking and available technologies.

Achieving HPEMS Download.pptx

American Ambulance Association 2009 Annual Conference

This was a lecture designed to help EMS agencies better comprehend why they need to look more closely at the HPEMS model. This lecture also goes into the who, what, when, where and why of the various EMS system designs and their pros and cons.

Matching Supply to Demand - Beyond SSM.pptx

Ohio Ambulance and Medical Transportation Association 2009 Conference

This power point presentation reviews the latest trends in EMS and discusses a litany of EMS best practices for all departments typically found in an EMS agency.

Best Practices in EMS.pptx

High Performance EMS Concepts for Healthcare 2008

This power point presentation first developed in 2008 reviews Understanding and Adopting High Performance EMS Concepts in Healthcare.

High Performance EMS Concepts for Healthcare - 2008.ppt

Pinnacle 2007

This lecture was designed to help participants better understand Jack Stout's vision of System Status Management (SSM) and High Performance EMS (HPEMS).

Pinnacle 2007 Stoutian SSM.ppt

Pinnacle 2007

This lecture discusses HPEMS finance and reviews the approach to EMS finance typically used by national EMS agencies. It also provides an example of why an all ALS system is cheaper to operate then a tiered or mixed ALS / BLS system.

Pinnacle 2007 Financial Analysis.ppt

Pinnacle 2007

This lecture reviews the ins and outs of peak load staffing and personnel scheduling and the tools and concepts needed for successful outcomes.

Personal Schedules for ADS.ppt

Zoll Summit 2007

This was our second lecture on our concept of the HPEMS TPM. A model used to help understand the results and consequences of converting into a HPEMS system.

HPEMS Theoretical Performance Model.ppt

Zoll Summit 2006

This lecture provides an overview of how to improve operational performance following the EMS success triad form of systems improvement.

Improving Operantional Performance Final.ppt

Zoll Summit 2006

This power point presentation details the variables and calculations that go into a simple Temporal Demand Analysis used to help predict the number of resources needed to meet a certain level of response service reliability.

Analyzing Demand Data.ppt

Pinnacle 2006

This lecture discusses the ins and outs of system performance improvement and is the first release of our HPEMS Theoretical Performance Model concept.

Ratcheting Up Performance.ppt

Tool Downloads

Help Determine Why A Late Response Occurred

This tool is designed to help determine why a late response may have occurred. It uses a series of questions, call data and fault matrix to help determine the root cause for a late EMS response.

Root Cause Matrix.xls


This is a visual representation of the High Performance EMS Theoretical Performance Model used to help understand the impacts of HPEMS system design changes.

Performance Model Handouts.xls

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