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Washko & Associates utilizes a variety of quantitative and qualitative analytical approaches to assess an organizations financial situation as well as adherence to regulatory requirements to identify opportunities for improvement. Using data and evidence-based analytics and proprietary methods, the Washko team can identify challenges that damage the financial sustainability of the organization and determine practices which may put the organization at risk. We partner with our clients to identify custom solution road maps that guide the organization in transforming its business and financial operations to one that delivers the effectiveness, efficiency and value that Washko clients are seeking, freeing our clients to focus on delivering optimized value propositions their customers expect.

care innovation

Washko & Associates has been at the forefront of delivery systems transformation, whether in healthcare or public safety since its inception.  Well before the pandemic of 2020, the Washko team was leading visionary projects that would transform service delivery into the home and within the practice and facility.  Utilizing telehealth and telemedicine, mobile healthcare, and platform services, as well as highly engineered scarcity management systems, the Washko team has helped to transform who provides services as well as how and where services are delivered.    

design & procurement

Washko & Associates is known for helping design and procure facilities, technologies, software, and workflows that optimize efficiency, effectiveness, and service delivery reliability and dependability while eliminating practice and service variation, waste, and redundant rework. From centralized deployment centers, supply and logistics functions to complex call centers, centralized command and transfer centers, telehealth centers and vehicle design, Washko has the know-how and relationships with manufacturers, software, and technology companies necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.  Washko partners with our clients to understand the project vision and goals, and then works collaboratively to bring proven best practice design and workflows into an optimized and affordable solution.  Additionally, Washko works with its clients to help adapt and optimize workflows and implement the change management systems necessary to fully leverage these innovations and new technologies.    

Washko & Associates can help your organization with its human capital needs.  From leadership development, to cultural and hiring and retention system transformations that drive best in breed places to work, Washko has the experience and tools that have helped leaders and organizations reshape how they manage and lead their human capital, improving employee engagement, recruitment, resiliency, and retention.  This is accomplished through evidence-based, and data driven methodologies that ensure the right individuals are hired, into an organization that adapts to the changing needs of a generational and culturally diverse workforce in an intentionally designed culture with emotionally intelligent leaders that engage and encourage individual growth and accountability.

In need of assistance with executive recruitment or short-term organizational management and leadership? Washko & Associates can assist your organization in managing daily operations with temporary on and off-site leadership services that enable an organization to continue operating while recruitment of permanent solutions are found.  Additionally, Washko & Associates can provide executive recruitment services to help find the right individual with the right skills, attitude, aptitude, values, and ethics that match the values, vision, and culture of the organization.

One of Washko & Associates key services is in the development, acquisition, and designing of software systems and the use of technology that drive improved value, outcomes, and reliability.  While any organization can procure software and technology, having the wisdom and knowledge necessary to ensure the right systems are acquired, at the right price, that can deliver on their promises, in an optimized and integrated fashion, using proven change management systems that promote end user success and adoption, is not at the forefront of most organizations skillsets.  The Washko team has the experience and insights necessary to ensure that our clients get the maximum return and value on their technology and software investments with successful end user adoption and satisfaction.   

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