A consulting agency should be more than a one-stop shop for advice. It should be a partner in your organization's journey to success.

Washko & Associates services began back in 2000 when founder Jonathan Washko left his career at a large corporate EMS firm desiring to take his unique talents and expertise in systems and process improvement engineering to a larger spectrum of the EMS industry.

Initially partnering with Stout Solutions, Mr. Washko joined forces with Todd Stout and began consulting to help improve EMS organizations on a variety of topics and was a key partner in the development and commercialization of the FirstWatch real-time early warning system. In 2004, due to the success of FirstWatch and Mr. Washko’s desire to continue his life’s passion of helping to improve EMS systems, Mr. Stout sold the consulting arm of Stout Solutions to Mr. Washko in order to focus their attention on the continued success of FirstWatch.

Since then, Washko & Associates has been a key industry leader in helping EMS systems around the globe improve themselves through the application of sound systems and process engineering, industry best practice sharing and the application of manufacturing principles and concepts onto a service industry.

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