solutions integration & TECHNOLOGY

EMS Technology Solutions CompanyWashko & Associates has extensive experience in helping its clients select, discount purchase, integrate and properly leverage various leading edge technologies. While advancements in technology are designed to help public safety agencies improve themselves, too often technological “solutions” are purchased under the auspices that they alone will solve problems or improve performance… unfortunately as many have found, this assumption is far from the truth.

At our company, we often find that our clients purchased a technology “solution” to a problem and all they end up with is fancy software and hardware that “looks great”, but doesn’t provide any measurable return on investment… this is where Washko & Associates can help.

While a vendor can sell you a solution and help install it, rarely do vendors have the expertise or desire to fully integrate the technology into the organization. Technology solutions integration involves changing the way a company does their business in order to take full advantage of what the technology has to offer. This can be as small as changing a few business processes to as significant as changing culture. Rarely if ever, are two integrations of the same solution alike, as public safety organizations each have different needs, make ups and designs. This makes it very tough for any vendor to be an “expert” in solutions integration and thus this usually falls onto the shoulders of the purchasing organization who typically doesn’t fully comprehend how to integrate the solution in order to maximize the benefits a solution may have to offer.

We constantly research leading industry technologies and quite often are involved in helping these vendors develop their feature sets. These experiences coupled with our extensive knowledge on systems design gives us the toolset needed to help our clients custom integrate their technology solutions. The result is a measurable return on the solution investment, enhanced vendor relationships and satisfied end user experiences.

Lastly, because Washko & Associates typically is able to bring numerous clients to a particular solution, we can leverage vendors for better pricing. We are not technology resellers as we believe this creates a conflict in our ability to recommend the best solution. Frequently we do partner with technology companies to help improve their offerings and many of these companies recommend Washko & Associates to their clients for the reasons mentioned above when purchasing their products.

Some of our recent EMS technology offerings include: