Our Classes and Training

System Status Management & EMS TrainingWashko & Associates offers a variety of training modules on High Performance EMS and System Status Management. Our classes are typically performed on site at customer locations around the customer’s scheduling needs.

Our Current Class Offerings Include:


System Status Management / High Performance EMS Level – I

This is a 4 hour introductory course for field providers and office personnel on the art and science of SSM. The course includes understanding the basic principles behind production model economics in the EMS setting, a broad overview of the art and science behind SSM and an provides students with an opportunity to learn more about why their EMS system is the way it


System Status Management / High Performance EMS Level – II

This 8 hour course is designed for EMS leaders at the supervisor and managerial levels. Topics include an in-depth understanding of Production Model Economics in the EMS setting, an intermediate level of understanding of the art and science behind demand analyses, peak-load staffing and deployment plan building, sharing of EMS best practice concepts, understanding the Quality Unit Hour concept, discussion on work-load management, learning how to fine tune deployment and staffing plans, discussions on HPEMS employee well-being balancing concepts and learning about departmental goals for each functional area of an HPEMS system.


System Status Management / High Performance EMS Level – IIC

This 9 hour course is designed for Communications Specialists (System Status Controllers) and managers of Command and Control Centers. Topics include those covered in the Level – II class plus a focus on proper Command and Control strategies, concepts, structure and proper manipulation of deployment plans.


System Status Management / High Performance EMS Level – III

This intense two day, 18 hour Course is designed for EMS system administrators, System Status Managers, Systems Analysts and others looking to understand every aspect of HPEMS and SSM at the advanced granular level. Topics include all those covered in Level – II and Level – IIC courses at an expert level plus advanced budgeting concepts in HPEMS, implementation strategies for successful system conversions, understanding straight time equivalent conversions, advanced FTE / Headcount management practices, understanding system situational awareness and its importance, understanding the Utilization / Production model organizational structure, exposure to innovative and bleeding edge technology specifically geared towards HPEMS and other advanced custom topics per customer need.